All items on this page are available for purchase at the Circus Ice Cream warehouse.  Items do
occasionally sell out, so you may want to call ahead to ensure that the item you're interested in is in
stock.  Circus Ice Cream offers delivery service in the Southern Maryland area.  Delivery service includes
certain minimums and / or a delivery charge.  

Circus Ice Cream can ship your order to you anywhere in the United States or you can have it shipped to
someone else as a gift.  If you are interested in either our delivery or shipping services, please call or
email us for details.
We ship all of our items through FedEx or the USPS and we ship anywhere in the continental United
States.  All shipping quotes are based on the weight of the order.

If there is something you're interested in that you don't see, let us know and we'll try to get it for you.

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ct = number of individual items per container
Famous Amos
36 ct    $13.25
Chocolate Chip
cookies now
available in snack
size bags.  Each box
36 two-ounce bags.
Bubble Gum  
240 ct          $11.00
Individually wrapped
extra sour bubble
gum in assorted
24 ct        

Gummi Sour
40 ct        $7.25
Sour candy in
individually wrapped
0.77 oz packages.
Gummi Pizza  
48 ct         $8.50

Four pizza slices
in each 0.6 oz
Airhead Xtreme
Sour Belts  
18 ct          $12.50
King Size Candy  
24 ct            $4.00
The same great
candy you
remember as a
kid now sold
under the name
"King Size
Candy".  Approx.
10 pieces per box.
Bubble Gum Sticks
24 ct        $13.25
The bubble gum
version of the King
Size Candy sticks.   
Ring Pops  
40 ct           $14.25

Assorted flavors in
every container.  
May include cherry,
twisted berry blast,
watermelon and
limited edition cotton
candy bubble gum
Laffy Taffy Rope  
24 ct           $5.00

Available in your choice
of grape, cherry,
banana, apple,
strawberry or blue
Hannah's Red Hot
50 ct      $16.00
7/8 oz sausages
made with beef and
chicken - pickled in
a vinegar solution.
Blow Pops
48 ct                       $5.50
Choose from What A
Melon, Black Cherry,
Blue Razzberry, Burstin'
Berry and Black Ice
Assorted Blow Pops  
100 ct                     $11.25
Watermelon, grape,
cherry, strawberry and
apple flavors in each
Skittles Original
36 ct         $25.00
Atomic Fireball  
240 ct       $10.75
Container weight
4 lbs.
Twizzler Twists  
180 ct                 $9.50
.35 oz individually
wrapped strawberry
90 ct        $13.00
Currently available
in Assorted 90 ct
Flintstone Giant Straws  
48 ct                  $5.00
Multi-colored candy powder
straws.  0.37 oz per piece.  
Sunflower Seeds  
12 ct           $13.75

Available in  Ranch.  
5.25 oz bags.  
Nacho Cheese
36 ct         $7.25
0.8 oz bags
also available in
Laffy Taffy Jars  
145 ct       $10.00
Long-lasting, flavorful
chews.  Assorted jar
contains banana,
cherry, sour apple and
strawberry. Pictured is
old 165 ct jar.
Now and Later Jars  
120 ct             $8.75
Over 3 lbs of assorted
mini bars.  Each bar
has four pieces.  
Assorted jar contains
banana, cherry, grape,
apple and tropical
Guzzlers  24ct. $14.50
Available in
island punch, alpine freeze,
lemonade, grape and kiwi
citrus has been
16.9oz. pepsi products
Call for price
24oz and 16.9 oz
Deer park water
Call for price
20oz. Rock Creek        24ct  
Grape & fruit punch in stock
UTZ 60ct. case   $14.50
1oz. bags available in salt &
vinegar,Bar-B-Q , and plain.
Call to order other flavors.
Andy Capp
72 ct. case           $17.50
48 ct. case           $11.25
Cheddar and Hot Fries
Frito Lay  50ct. case          
1oz. bags available in Nacho
cheese Doritos, Cool ranch
Doritos and Funyons
Big Texas Cinnamon
2005 & 2006 Pastry
of the year.
Duchess Honey Bun 12ct.
Circus Ice Cream, Inc
16 Irongate Drive          Waldorf, MD
(301) 843-8846    (301) 934-3441
Open 6 days a week - Closed Sundays
Ranch, BBQ and
Original Sunflower
12 ct              $6.50
2 oz bags
Pickled Eggs  
4 Lb 8 oz jar          $20.00
Packed in beet flavored vinegar pickle.

Pickled Sausage
39 ct  4 lb jar         $17.00
26 ct  4 lb jar         $17.00
360 ct     $5.00
Fruit flavored tootsie
rolls available in
Grape, Fruit Punch,
Apple, Watermelon, ,
Strawberry, Passion
Fruit, Lemon Lime,
Strawberry Lemonade,  
Cherry Limeade, Blue
Warhead Sour
240 ct     $13.50
Extremely sour
hard candy in
assorted flavors
Bubble Yum Bubble Gum
18 ct    $8.25
Available in Original and Cotton Candy
Fruit Roll-Ups
48 ct       $11.00
Available only in
Blastin' Berry
Giant Pixy Stix
100 ct                    $28.75
Big League
12 ct              $11.75
Available in original,
watermelon or grape
Crazy Rolls
24 ct        $4.75
Assorted flavors; cherry,
blue razz, tutti frutti and
sour apple.
Boston Baked
24 ct    $4.50
Dubble Bubble
380            $9.00
Available in original
Rainblo Gum
48         $17.00
Hot Tamales
24 ct        $4.50   
0.9 oz boxes
18 ct        $10.00
1.8 oz bags
Cheddar cheese
Cotton Candy Bags
12 ct                $9.50
Blue Raspberry
Flavored cotton
Cracker Jacks
24 ct.        $10.00
1.25 oz bags
The original flavor.
Caramel coated
Fun Dip
48 ct.        $5.75
.5 oz packages
Blue Raspberry and
Cherry Flavored.
Planters Nuts
24 ct        $14.00
2 oz. bags. 6 Salted
Cashew, 12 Salted
Peanuts, and 6 Honey
Roasted Peanuts
Slim Jim
100 ct.        $22.50
Planters Salted
24 ct.        $6.00
1 oz bags
Toast Chee
40 ct.        $8.50
Cheese Crackers
filled with peanut
20 oz. Gatorade
Variety packs of 24 including
flavors lemon lime, orange,
and fruit punch
Nacho Trays
125 ct.        $6.50
Nacho Chips
2 ct.            $10.00
3 lbs bags
Hormel Chili
15 oz. cans of beanless chili
Nacho Cheese Sauce
6 lb 10 oz. cans
48 ct.        
36 ct.       
36 ct.        
Sour Punch
24 ct         $14.25
Available  Blue
Raspberry and
Lemonhead Jar
150 ct.        $10.00
A lemon candy
made with real
lemon juices.
Homerun Gum
240 ct.        $10.50
Baseball shaped
bubble gum. "It's
outta here!"
24ct.        $4.50
24ct.      $4.50
24 ct.           $4.50
24ct.         $4.50
Red Hots
24ct.            $4.50
Quick Blast
12 ct              $10.25
Sour candy spray,
assorted Berry
Blast, Cherry
Splash, Green
Apple. When empty
can be used as a
squirt gun.
Airhead Bites
24 ct          $16.50
2 ounce packages,
fruit flavor.
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Cookies Assorted
36 ct.     $15.00
M&M's Cookies
30ct         $12.00
Krabby Patties
36 ct          $6.50
Spongebob themed
gummy Krabby Patty
Help I'm trapped down here